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Cable Drag Chain

An essential part of industrial equipment and automation systems is the cable drag chain. It offers a secure and well-organized channel for electrical and pneumatic connections. Its capacity to endure mechanical stress is ensured by the use of sturdy, long-lasting materials in its construction.



Duct Bellows

HVAC systems and industrial ducting both depend heavily on duct bellows. They give duct systems flexibility and guarantee their structural integrity since they are made to withstand thermal expansion, vibration, and movement. These are mostly used to account for thermal expansion and contraction.


Laser Machine Bellows

Specialized protective coverings called Laser Machine Bellows are made for laser machines. The sensitive internal parts of the laser machine are crucially protected by these bellows from external impurities like dust, dirt, and other potentially hazardous particles.

Machine Covers

Machine covers are shields intended to protect equipment and machinery from various environmental elements. These coverings act as a shield, giving protection from factors like dust, grime, dampness, and other possibly harmful things.


Roll Up Cover

A roll up cover is a flexible and useful protective measure used to preserve machinery, equipment, or other priceless items. These coverings are designed expressly to offer a practical and adaptable solution to enclose and safeguard goods of various sizes and shapes.

Scissor Lift Bellows

Specialized protective coverings known as scissor lift bellows are created to increase the security, efficiency, and durability of scissor lift systems. The delicate parts of scissor lifts, such as the scissor arms, hydraulic cylinders, and mechanical connections, are protected by these bellows from outside pollutants and potential harm.

Telescopic Cover

The adaptable protective enclosures known as telescopic covers are made to protect machinery and equipment with extending or retracting parts. These coverings are particularly designed to support the machinery's dynamic motions while offering a solid defense against outside pollutants and possible dangers.

Telescopic Spring

Telescopic Springs are mechanical devices that are made to store and release energy to help different systems move and function. These springs are designed precisely to deliver a dependable force when stretched or expanded.

Way Wiper

 The purpose of a way wiper is to protect machinery or equipment's sliding surfaces, guide rails, or ways from pollutants and debris. It acts as a shield between the moving parts and the environment, guaranteeing accurate motion and avoiding damage and wear.

Cutting Services
Additionally, we are providing these cutting services at incredibly affordable prices. Materials can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes using these services. Materials can all be processed by these services, whether they are standard or nonstandard.
Laser Cutting Service
Laser Cutting Service has benefits such as high precision, cutting in any shape, clean cutting requiring less finishing, low heat generation, and distortion-free cutting. This service is very effective as well as economical to use. 
Laser Engraving Service
Laser Engraving Service is a service to increase the functionality and usability of NBK products. A group of skilled executives who closely interact with the clients and guarantee their smooth operation provide this service. 
Apron Covers
Apron covers can function as a reliable, portable protection when combined with a roll-up mechanism. One end is attached to a moving carriage, and the other is either attached to a bed or freely suspended with dead weight.
Rollway Covers

Rollway Covers are shields made to protect the moving parts and guiding mechanisms of machinery or equipment. These coverings provide a versatile and effective means of shielding important components from impurities, dirt, and potential harm.


Bellow Covers
Bellow Covers are made using premium plastic fabrics and foils. All materials are examined and created by our own research and development teams in order to uphold our high standards for quality.

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